Fighting poverty one family at a time.

Ever since the impact of COVID-19 in Namibia, YWAM Windhoek has been involved in handing out food packages to some of the most vulnerable families in the informal settlements.

With PROJECT-20 we selected 20 of these vulnerable families to help them become self-sufficient during a six months program. With this project we break the vicious circle of poverty.

God Spoke, We Obeyed.

Children. Family. Sustainability.

Why Project-20

About 40% of people in Namibia (nearly 1 million) live in a slum. People have no running water, no electricity and live in small corrugated iron houses.

Because of the Corona pandemic, the need is now greater than ever. Project-20 gives twenty families an opportunity to get out of the most extreme poverty.

what we do

Twenty selected families enter a six-month program. Not only do they receive food packages for six months, the family is also coached to become self-sufficient. The focus is on practical skills, leadership and financial independence (for example by starting your own business). In this way we build self-confidence and independence for these families.

Cost of project-20

The average cost is 75 euros(NAD 1446, USD 85, GBP 68) per month, per family. This includes the weekly food package + training & coaching to become self-sufficient. We also want to invest in machines and materials to give practical lessons, such as:

Woodworking, electrical engineering, metalworking, sustainable small-scale horticulture, business training.

Project-20 Stories

God has really done so many great things through this porject.

Indileni Rosalia Paulus


Also known as Meme Jafet, because of her husband (to whom she is traditionally married), Rosalia is a regular participant of Project20. She is quiet and reserved, like many of the other ladies from her community. This morning (Tuesday, 13/10/2020), she raised her hand when one of the YWAM staff members prompted individuals to make use of the opportunity to be prayed for. Because she is a Christian, she understands the value of others praying for you, even while her felt needs are so overwhelming, and she at times question her life’s purpose. As we prayed in line with Jeremiah 32:17, over sickness among her close and extended family, as well as a hopelessness, wanting to overtake her from time to time, she shivered lightly. This bright-eyed lady is very open about the fact that she tried to commit suicide a couple of weeks ago, and that she sometimes still contemplate the idea of taking her own life.

We know that Rosalia is always present, respectful and sincere, but that she really needs God to show Himself as a committed Father who is mindful of her deepest struggles-that nothing is too difficult for Him. And in this, we want to stand with her. Talking to her, one can easily hear that she has a dream for her children (an oldest son and four girls), of which one a niece, the daughter of her husband’s brother. Previously, she was quick, harsh and irrational when she disciplined them. Now she has learned that she needs to change her approach to being more loving and understanding. Deep in her heart she wants them to stay off of the streets, be obedient, read the Bible and sing hymns unto their Maker. And even though she only recently learnt about Biblical principles for parenting, she already testifies of the changes she observes in the attitudes and responses of her children. We pray that her husband will realize his role, become Meme Jafet’s supportive life partner, and be the leader that spends more of his time at home, especially while their kids are still young and vulnerable. This week Rosalia is in training that will help her to get acquainted with the details of a solar energy system. During the previous three weeks she attended the needlework class. She, regularly, buys cattle heads from a local abattoir, deliciously cook and sell them. Sometimes she runs out of money, causing her business to stand still. However, she learnt that God is her Provider, and teach her children to pray over their needs and trust Him to meet those needs.

Through Project20, the YWAM Windhoek base has the opportunity to walk with a needy community and individual families. We do this with the hope of modeling a desire for more of the knowledge of God, and His practical wisdom that can transform their and our own lives. The transformation of Rosalia Paulus carries the promise of meaningful changes in her family and broader community, because she is presently in a good place, dearly loved and about to shine like never before.

Letta Titus


From surviving an abusive marriage to becoming a full-time missionary, this is the story of Letta Titus. She has been part of the recipients of the new Project 20 which was birthed by Ywam Windhoek during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Faithfully she would show up with others when the team would reach out to the marginalized in Okahandja Park by handing out food parcels. She also took part in the skills training of this same project which aimed to grow skill in order to improve the livelihood of the local community. This included entrepreneurship, parenting, sewing and many other practical training. In February this year, Letta joined the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and grew closer to God. She shares that topics such as the Plumb line and Father Heart of God made her realize that God’s love is tangible and ever present. This has helped her to make peace with the absence of her earthly father and forgive her late husband. Upon graduation, she then became a full-time staff on base where she has been serving in Project 20. Through this project she ploughed back into the people from her community through the example that circumstances don’t define your future. Letta was also privileged to travel to Cape Town for a 6 week Leadership Training School during September this year and has acquired so much confidence and knowledge in leadership. She says YWAM Windhoek has saved her from drowning in poverty slavery, broken past and helped her with re-awakening her vision and calling; to go back to Aranos and start up her children’s ministry. Letta Titus gladly boasts about the works God has done in her and is not afraid of sharing with anyone.

Do you want to support Project-20?

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